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What is sign language translation?

Think of it this way: While interpreting happens in real time, translation is meant for finished content. At Asign, we take your text-based or video content and translate it from English to American Sign Language (ASL) and French to langue des signes québécoise (LSQ).

A more accessible way to share online media

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Tap into a new audience

Reach the Deaf community by sharing your content in their primary language.


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Increase accessibility

Eliminate communication barriers for Deaf customers and employees. Translation can help you meet accessibility standards.

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Reuse your key content

Translate it once, use it many times. This is ideal for content that won’t change much over time.

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How translation works

1. Material collection

Send your documents, videos or marketing collateral over to Asign.

2. Translation and production

With our team of Deaf Translators, Message Equivalency Interpreters and Deaf language experts, we’ll translate your materials into ASL or LSQ. We do all production in our professional studios.

3. Post-production and quality assurance

We edit the sign language videos according to your brand guidelines, adding subtitles and voiceovers as requested.

What can you translate?

A few examples


Translating your content will make your website more accessible and engaging for a Deaf audience.


Translate key messaging or social media campaigns into sign language to increase understanding.


Improve communications throughout your organization by translating important documents, policies and training guides.

Ready to make your content more accessible?

If you need ASL or LSQ translated into English or French? We can help with that too.

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