Asign is certified with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the Canadian Language Industry Association (CLIA)

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Who we are

Interpreters at heart, we’re passionate about our work and inspired by the Deaf community.

In 1997, we saw a gap in the quality and availability of sign language interpreting services in the Ottawa area. Determined to provide better opportunities for interpreters and better access for the Deaf community, we decided to pool our resources.

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Our values

Our values are at the centre of everything we do. Every assignment. Every interaction. Every sign.

Be professional

We take great pride in our work and prioritize the needs of those we serve.

Show you care

We have a genuine appreciation for our customers, employees and community.

Respect everyone

We believe respect for our differences is the key to our collective success.

Give back

We’re determined to serve our communities generously with our expertise, time and support.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Asign

We recognize that many of the greatest ideas and discoveries come from a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences.

We are committed to cultivating an equitable and inclusive work environment that supports the Deaf community, the interpreting community and all our employees.

Women-owned and led

Committed to supplier diversity? Asign is certified with Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Canada and WeConnect International.

Meet our team

Asign is proudly affiliated with the following organizations:

Canadian Language Industry Association
Association of Language Companies
Sign Language Institute Canada
World Association of Sign Language Interpreters
WBE Canada

What sets us apart

Our Deaf heart

We’re passionate about interpreting and have a strong connection to the Deaf community. We appreciate its language, culture and diversity.

We prioritize professionalism

We’re committed to client confidentiality. Our interpreters have security clearance ranging from Reliability to Top Secret. We also help prepare your team to work with interpreters and the Deaf community.

We’re Canadian

Prevent misunderstandings. We have interpreters across the country who are familiar with various regional and provincial dialects of American Sign Language (ASL) and langue des signes québécoises (LSQ).

We understand your business

Our interpreters become subject matter experts on your business, learning the correct terminology to effectively communicate with your clients.

The quality of our service

We offer unmatched opportunities for continuous learning. Asign interpreters are supported by our professional development and mentorship programs.

Community focus

We are actively involved in the Deaf and interpreting communities, giving back through charitable donations, sponsorships and student grants.

Accessibility first

We help organizations meet their accessibility requirements under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA) and the Government of Canada’s standards on Web Accessibility.

Learn more about the Accessible Canada Act
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